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How to be careful on social media

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How to be careful on social media

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by: Vincent Garza

What was the last thing you posted on your snapchat story? Would it be something you show your mom? How about your boss? We have all used it at some point. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a part of daily life, but do you think before you post?  Updating the public on every little detail that goes on in your life could be more harmful, depending on what you share.

10 ways on how to look good on social media

  • Have your employers in mind. They want to know what kind of person they are hiring and believe me; they will find you.
  • Everyone can see EVERYTHING you post
  • Be careful who you are friends with. You do not want bad people to represent you.
  • Anyone can look up your name and have your accounts pop up; have that in mind.
  • Screenshots are a thing now so try not to post anything you would regret later
  • Think before you share anything
  • Do not bully anyone or start drama, rumors or beef
  • Have in mind that school accounts just might have a teacher behind it so y’know, try not to curse or be disrespectful
  • Nobody wants to see your shiney hiney. Stop being nasty on social media.
  • Keep private matters private

The key here is to be aware of your presence online.  Employers, Admissions Officers, and the entire world is watching. Nothing really deletes online so just assume when you are posting that everything is permanent. If you would not show your boss or mom what you post, then it might just be best to not post it at all.

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How to be careful on social media