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Bring back World Religions class

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by: Madie Garcia

Talking about religion in school is taboo and the question is, why? It depends on the school, but since public schools are government owned, and therefore supported by tax dollars, religion is normally not allowed.

The Bill Of Rights have been interrupted by the courts to try to keep church and state separate. In some schools, religion is allowed to be taught but not preached; meaning a teacher cannot start or lead a prayer and bring up a specific topic of a certain religion, but can answer questions from students.

‘’I don’t care all that much because I’m not a religious person, but I think people should be able to talk about it if they don’t force it down people’s throats,’’ Sophomore Alyssa Evans said.

Everyone knows before the first games and all the homes games we pray for Christianity, yet we do not pray or do anything for any other religion. Christianity is such a known religion in schools and all over around the world.

Millennia ago, Christianity gave slaves and serfs hope.After that, Christianity became so popular because they started spreading the religion to spread hope that came with it, and ever since then it has just grown. Some people are okay with it and some people are not.

‘’I’m okay with it. Other people do what they want and just like, as long as they don’t try and force it on me, then I’m good,’’ Junior Joey said.

There’s are a lot of pros and cons to teaching religion in school. Not allowing religion in school would not be fair to students of other religions who want to practice during the day like Islam,Muslim, Jewish, Catholic,etc.

Schools help teens mold into adults; putting religion into schools could help students be more respectful and educated on others’ beliefs,and if schools taught religion, more students would have the opportunity to learn about religions and cultures first hand.

Some of the cons are students who are not religious could/would be excluded from these classes which could lead to bullying. Parents may feel uncomfortable with their children being taught about religious matters they have no control over. This could also lead to non-religious parents to protest for paying for the religious after school activities and programs.

“Allowing students to practice their religion in school could lead up to bullying but it is also restricting people from their rights and beliefs,” Senior Christina Rodriguez said.

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Bring back World Religions class