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New squad in town: Hype Squad

Dylan Lorance, Staff Reporter

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by: Dylan Lorance

Senior Tyeena Hanks knew Brewer needed something to hype them up, so she formed the Hype Squad in the first semester of her final year.

Hype Squad is the newest addition to our school spirit and it is pretty successful so far as it has actually “hyped up” the pep rallies.

The purpose of the squad is to make the pep rallies a good part of your day.

“Hype Squad is a good addition to the school and it gets me pretty hyped, so it’s working.” Senior Pace Storey said.

“I started Hype Squad to hype up the school, and we hope to have tryouts every year after I leave and keep this school alive for many years to come,” Hanks said.

Before Hype Squad, most students, like Hanks, felt the pep rallies were poorly planned, so she brought the Hype Squad into the pep rallies and destroyed the tension in the air.

“No disrespect, but the pep rallies were not fun, so we needed a team to go out there and make it lit,” Hanks said. “I talked to Mrs. Turner and she said that there should be a team for just hip hop choreography so there is no competition for drill team, just to make everybody hyped for the day.”

Senior Sydney Hopwood is the main mixer for Hype Squad.

“The music choices are from what people listen to now and what people want,” Hopwood said. “Music is my passion. When Tyeena asked me to be their mixer, I was good with that,” Hopwood said. “Whenever you see me, I am listening to music.”

The original team members are Tyeena Hanks, Ja’Lynn Nelson, and Antcheria Prince.

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New squad in town: Hype Squad