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Misidentifying Muslims

Stereotyping, its impact on cultures

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by: Denver Brown

Everyone has what they think a “Muslim” looks like in their head: a brown guy with a beard and turban. This, however, is a majorly westernized idea of what a Muslim is, namely because Muslims do not wear turbans, they wear Keffiyeh.

Turbans are worn by Sikhs, not Muslims. Sikhism is a religion founded in the Punjab region of the Middle East, around India. In majorly westernized idea of what a Muslim is, they were turbans, but Muslims do not wear turbans, they wear Keffiyeh, traditional headdress.

Sikhs throughout history have fought with the Muslims peoples due to oppressive Muslim empires entering Sikh lands and attempting to force Islam upon the Sikhs because sikhs have been called heretics to the Islamic faith. Sikhs generally do not like violence and are a nice people who get mistreated because people are not smart enough to know who they are bigoted against.

Since 9/11, when the misguided chauvinism was at its height, Sikhs have been assaulted, threatened and murdered because of hatred towards Muslims by people who do not know what a Muslim is. It’s time to give up irrational hatred towards a stereotype and learn who these people truly are. The stereotype of brown man with a beard and turban on is a terrorist needs to end, hatred and ignorance make everyone blind of the truth and susceptible to lies.

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Misidentifying Muslims