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On Fridays, we wear blue

Investigation the disappearance of spirit dress-up days

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by: Alicia Bradshaw

In the past, we have been dressing up on Fridays to get the football players pumped up and ready for the games to get us in spirit.

  This year we are allowed to wear Brewer shirts everyday, but they would like for us to wear them on Fridays especially.

“We were thinking about dressing up on Thursdays, but we would have to dress up the same way Friday night, so that just didn’t make sense,” Student Body Vice President, Devin Franklin.

    STUCO is working towards bringing back dress up days, so for now it is just a work in progress.  

   “We are not doing dress up days at school this year, except during homecoming week and red ribbon week. For all other football themes, the students decided to only dress up for the games,” Assistant Principal Jennifer Holland said..  “It was more of a student led decision than an admin decision.”

    STUCO does not plan on doing dress up days during school for football this year, however, next year, that may change, depending on what the students want.

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On Fridays, we wear blue