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Solving the puzzle: When America was great

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by:  Leah Myers

Make America great again. It is a slogan stitched into hats and sprawled across shirts, but does anyone have a single, definitive answer as to when this star-studded country was really great? If anyone’s answer could be considered the main response, it would be presidential nominee Donald Trump’s, seeing that it is his proposal.

According to CNN, Trump believes we were greatest after the end of the second World War because, “we were not pushed around, we were respected by everybody, we had just won a war, we were pretty much doing what we had to do.”

  Many people say this time, the mid to late forties, was a great time for America. There was a small period without war (that our country was part of) and there was more manufacturing on the homeland, instead of most of it overseas, as it is now. The economy was much better off than it is now. At first glance, it is easy to see where they are coming from, saying this was the best time for our country. The fact there was more manufacturing here meant more jobs, which meant more money, which meant easier living, and who would not want that? It seems perfect on the outside, but there is a large part of 1940’s America everyone seems to leave out. People leave out the fact that racism was a large part of this country, even in the forties.

  Many people think racial segregation is a thing from the olden days, just something to stash away alongside witch-burnings and lynchings, but public facilities separated for different races were still around in the forties. Racism was a large part of that time. Parts of the forties may have been amazing, and we should focus on these things, but we cannot forget about the mistakes made at this time as well. The first step to fixing a mistake is acknowledging it. Instead of blaming each other for all of the wrongdoings in this world, we could work together to make the world a less discriminating place. Sometimes it can be hard to see any change in this chaotic world because we have a habit of blocking out the bad decisions and actions of our country, but, if you look closely, you can see growth and something a little closer to unity than we once were. With every new generation, our differences seem to be less and less important. There will always be racists, sexists, homophobes, but maybe, as generations come and go, these groups will become less and less prominent. As the world grows, maybe we will too. You can see that maybe someday this world will be a good place for everyone, a great place. Maybe we can make America great.

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Solving the puzzle: When America was great