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New Hero Club

Rachel Kelly, Staff Reporter

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“So what is the Hero Club?” – almost everyone who reads the flyers wants to know. The club will begin meeting Sept.6, and all meetings will be on Wednesdays the first half of Power Hour.

The room number is A216-it is is in the chemistry hallway.   

“Basically it’s a place where both straight and LGBT people can come together to support each other as well as fighting oppression and bullying,” Garza said.

This club is good for those who have no familial support, because the members can be the ideal substitute support. They build each other up and offer a helping hand.

“I’d like to make each member feel safe and like they are part of a new family they can trust and even talk to when things are rough,” said Garza.

To join, there is not a big, elaborate sign-up process.  One must just show up to the meetings.

“This year I’d like to do more along the lines of actually sitting down with each person and getting to know them as a person,” said Garza.

Garza also explained what the acronym HERO stands for.

“Helping to Educate Regarding Orientation. I like to think it means that every LGBT person and ally are heroes,” Garza said. “We’re brave, strong, and have the potential to save someone.

Garza’s goals for the club this year are to make life easier, to educate, and to create a good support system. He also wants to grow the program this year and get word out about the club’s purpose.

“Kaden Perry, a graduate from last year, wanted to start this club. He thought the LGBT community needed a place to be on this campus,” Swanner said.

Perry also asked Swanner to be the sponsor of the Hero Club. What is the method to the madness, though?

“I feel like it gives the students a place to belong and to interact in our community without being shamed for being who they are,” Swanner said.  

She also believes the year-round organization will be good for BHS as a whole.  This year Swanner hopes to create a safe and positive space for students.

“We are in charge of cleaning up an area of White Settlement every month. We also like to do community service,” Swanner said.

A new member of the club, Madie Garzica, wishes to join for multiple reasons.

“I am joining the club because I like the idea of connecting with more people like me,” Garzica said.

By joining the club, Garzica hopes to understand where people come from and better handle situations that directly involve the LGBT community in some way.

“I want us to focus more on the history where we came from and who has fought for us in the past,” said Garzica.

On the topic of newcomers like herself, it seems to be a secret who is joining this year, at least according to Madie. However, she does hope and expect more people than last year to join the club.

“Honestly, Hero Club is just very diverse and a place you can be yourself even if you can’t inside of school,” Garzica said.

Negativity towards the club is going to be prepared for, but hoped against, and both Garzica   and Garza plan to handle any complaints with patience and rationality. All interviewed agree that BHS needs this club to grow as a school.

“Because there are a lot of different types of people in the school, there is double the amount of people that have different views, and it’s just nice to be around people that are going through what you are,” Garzica  said.

An extra tidbit about Garzica, the newcomer, is that she is the editor-in-chief of the Ursa Major Monthly staff, but becoming a new member of a club without being in charge. She likes the idea; it’s good sometimes to let someone else run things.

“Honestly, it feels good not to be in charge of everything,” Garzica said.

The Hero Club is bound to do interesting things to the school’s students and community, and appears to be for the greater good of everyone. Remember that there are no sign-up processes; just show up. Let’s see how this club plays out in the 2017-2018 school year.

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