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Logan Paul takes it too far

Spencer Wise, Reporter

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Logan Paul, a YouTuber popular among young children and adolescents, has kicked off the new year by making big waves in the news with a controversial video taking place in the infamous “Suicide Forest.” Despite posting an apology message on Twitter and uploading a video addressing the mistake he made, many people believe the content he had previously uploaded was far too offensive for him to get off that easy.

On Dec. 31, 2017, many young fans of Paul opened his Youtube channel to see the star had uploaded a new video entitled, “We Found a Dead Body in the Suicide Forest…” Upon viewing the video, older fans were shocked and offended, while Paul’s younger fanbase were confused and terrified.

Other Youtubers responded to the video, either on Twitter or in the form of a video of their own.

The fact that a human could ever think that it’s morally correct to not only joke about suicide, but to exploit it for personal gain is frightening,” tweeted popular Youtube icon Jesse Paege. “Suicide is NEVER funny. The topic is sensitive and vulnerable and should be treated with absolute respect.”

Ethan Dolan, who is known to associate with the Paul brothers, also shared his two cents. “The horrible measures people will go to in order to have content to stay relevant is absolutely disgusting. Being blinded by your ego so much so that thinking it is okay to make insensitive remarks about suicide, and broadcasting it for millions of CHILDREN to see is sickening.”

Even Youtubers who have themselves faced controversy believe that Paul went too far to spin a profit with his offensive content. Felix Kjellberg, who rose to fame on YouTube under the pseudonym Pewdiepie, was under fire just last year for making a series of anti-semitic remarks and featuring a banner in one of his videos which read “Death to all Jews.”

Kjellberg shared his reaction to the Suicide Forest video in the form of a video posted to his channel, where he condemns Paul and mocks him for coming across as desperate for views. “Logan: he’s a straight up sociopath. You know when you’re doing those daily vlog videos and you’re always looking for the next big thing just dangling in front of you?”

Paul has since removed the video from his channel after YouTube failed to, in spite of all the reports it was getting. An apology video has also been issued after his initial tweet was received negatively for supposedly being self-praising and ingenuine. In the video, Paul states that he does not expect to be forgiven and that he recognized that he had had a serious lapse in his judgement. He has also since tweeted that he would be taking a break from his daily vlogs.

This incident has cost the young entertainer every YouTube Red series he was taking part in, as well as his reputation. Despite the amount of people who are currently unsubscribing and unfollowing him on multiple social media platforms, he is also gaining a lot of fans and attention, which is leaving his follower and subscriber counts at almost a standstill.

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Logan Paul takes it too far