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District 7 conference is a win

2 DECA students advance to state

Aaron Torres, Reporter

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Tate Holloway shows off his medals.

On Tuesday, January 16, two out of three DECA students advanced to state as they competed in the District 7 Conference at the Irving Convention Center in Las Colinas.

Senior Tate Holloway won big and became the finalist in the Scholarship event and Freshman Steve Mason advanced in the event for the Principles of Business Management and Administration.
“I competed in the district scholarship and independent business plan,” Holloway said about his final results.

During the competition, there were definitely enough nerves to go around within the students and they

had mixed emotions about competing. “I was a little on the flip side because I only had two other members besides me and normally I would have anywhere from 12 to 15,” Holloway said.

During the competition, the students are put under pressure and timed when tested on their proficiency involving business skills.

“We had 20 minutes in total to do everything because we had the first 10 minutes where we had to study up on the topic we were given and then another 10 minutes to ‘sell’ it to someone and I finished in four minutes,” Mason said.

Like in many competitions, it is always believed that “There is always room for improvement,” Holloway said. “You can always do better.”

Tate also plans on still being involved in DECA competitions in the future. “It’s my senior year so I’ll move on to collegiate DECA instead of high school DECA chapters,” Holloway said.

This organization prepares students to be leaders and entrepreneurs in careers that involve hospitality and management.

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District 7 conference is a win