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Joking of suicide

Emily Mckinzie, Reporter

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Walking around the hallway, people are too focused on themselves. Their lives, drama, and feelings crumble underneath the mask society loves. The overload of homework, many failures, and shaken unexpected events of the day cause them to stress, jokingly saying to their friends, “kill me.” This is what students hear from most peers as an excuse of stress, but isn’t this just a silent cry for help?

In 2017, the state of Texas recorded the ratings of 3,403 suicide deaths. In America, 44,965 Americans die every year and 123 people attempt suicide everyday. People aged 15 to 34 are among the reported dead. Along with this, depression is the major cause of suicide.

Somehow, we as human beings, cannot face the struggles that continue to wilt us away until we finally do not feel anything at all.

For clarification, depression is a rough obstacle for anyone to face. It hits everyone hard with no warning. Once it attacks, and you keep trying to face it on your own, attaching itself to you until you finally just give up fighting. This is not a story to giggle at. This is a real life or death situation whether someone would like to believe it or not. Depression is severe, confusing your mental stability–and the feelings can stay up to two to three years if left untreated. Suicide progresses itself, first coming up as an idea, then grows into the rotten blueprint that you constantly think about. It only takes the final punch to put this plan into action, and this should be the eye opener.

For the many others who have dealt with depression personally or witnessed a loved one who has been damaged by this, they take this topic seriously and wish that no one would go through this psycho-war.It is disrespectful for others laugh at the matter when they have never experienced the wounds of death that depression causes. Sorry to break the news, but laughing at death in a pleasurable way is sickening.

Also, it is wrong to use the phrase to draw attention to yourself, making you the subject that everyone needs to talk about and actually wonder “Maybe he’ll do it.” However, if you are someone who is trying to get help–then of course go to people and talk to them about it. Call the Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 if you are someone who is seeking professional help, but for those who are doing it out of self-pleasure, please stop. People who need to be reported of suicide severely need help, unlike someone who just wants to put on a show.

On an ending note, we as a student body need to unite against the one thing that hits our generation harder than others, suicide. The drama told in the bathrooms, the fights scheduled outside, and the constant arguments over meaningless issues are all situations that can beat up someone’s sanity, causing depressive tendencies . Encourage everyone to show respect and concern for those who are going through hell, and discourage the ones who continue to laugh.

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Joking of suicide