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WOOL-Z Apparel advertising           Photo by: Reece Woolsey

This coming September will have marked two years since Senior Reece Woolsey designed the first shirt of his line, which sparked an inextinguishable creative flame inside of him. He originally became interested in clothing design when he realized that he needed to share a part of himself with the world, and designing was the only way he knew how.

“People are the main factor in why I started my clothing line,” said Woolsey. “I’ve always been creative in my own way, and I was itching to find a way to show people what I’m capable of; clothes saved me from that.”

Woolsey’s main inspiration came from people like Pharrell Williams and Kanye West, but most of his motivation came from Nick Lenzini, who started his on clothing line like Woolsey.

“I saw a guy close to my age getting recognition for all of his work and it inspired me more than anything. [It] made me realize I’m just as capable,” Woolsey said.


Recently, he has decided to let his sister be apart of this journey when he noticed her love for art.

“I made this collection so I could remember it forever, really. And Lexi (my sister) loves to draw and color, she does it all day practically!,” Woolsey said.

Since she is a big part of his life, and his line, he wanted to make something unique and personal that they will never forget.

“Since I only make clothes that mean something to me, I had to integrate the person that means the most to me,” Reece said. “I made this collection so I could remember it forever really.”

The line created with his sister took about two to three months to transition from pictures to the actual design.

“It took a lot more time than my last project just because I needed it all to be perfected,” Woolsey stated. “I knew exactly how I wanted it to be and Lexi had no problem completing her tasks.”

His sisters disability does not slow her down from helping him design something unforgettable for the both of them.

“My sister is a 14 year old down syndrome girl that designed my last collection completely from scratch, all hand done. With just a crayon and idea in mind we made it happen!,” Woosley said, “she’s a Woolsey she’s just as capable of making clothes as I am!”


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