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FCA here to pray


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FCA goes on field trip               Photo by: Kayla Jennings

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, is a student-run organization and meets on every other Wednesday during Power Hour throughout the year. There is also a Bible study with the club’s sponsors on Thursdays.

“It is an organization that is meant to unite athletes and other students in Christ,” FCA officer, Adam Duncan said.

To become an officer one must fill out an application and the sponsors of the club decide on who is chosen.

“There are about 10 officers,” Duncan said. “We all filled out applications and the sponsors picked.”

To join, just simply show up to the meetings regularly, be kind, and devoted to other members and one’s beliefs. It is a fairly successful organization in terms of attendance.

“I think about 60 students and adults attended our kickoff,” said Duncan.

The club is not partial to any religions, but is non-denominational and applies to Christians as a whole, hence the name Fellowship of ‘Christian’ Athletes.

“I joined to be with others who were in Christ,” Duncan said.

“You just have to go talk to Coach Evans, who started this whole thing up,” FCA officer, Grant Baldwin said.

The club is meant to unite people in Christ with a common goal: spreading the word of God and helping people.

“I wanted to get involved and I thought it was a good thing that could benefit more people,” Baldwin said.

FCA has been at the school since last year and as a result, there is an influx of new members.

“I joined FCA because I was in it in middle school and I really enjoyed it, and I like talking about religion, God, and sharing the word,” new member, Fatima Aguilar said.

FCA is not completely about being Christian, however.

“Basically we try to reach out to anyone who seeks the word of God or just needs someone to talk to or if you need some help,” Baldwin said.

Why is it called Fellowship of Christian Athletes if non-athletes can join?

“Athletes can join, but anyone can as long as they know what it’s for,” Baldwin said.

It is more for athletes, though, also hence the name.

“FCA is kind of more of a student athlete thing,” said Aguilar.

All in all, it is a very helpful organization, chock-full of amiable athletes ready to be good ‘sports’ and reach out a hand to those who need a little help, or perhaps a prayer or two. This year’s sponsors are Coach Evans and Coach Jennings and if you have any questions regarding the club, contact them.

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FCA here to pray